The Team

of outdoor enthusiasts

Nature’s Course is a collaboration of two brothers from Wisconsin with a mutual appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. Our collective passion drove us to create a platform to share our outdoor experiences to inspire others to disconnect from our modern world and take notice of the natural world.

Colin Schye

Designer and Developer

Colin is a Minneapolis Minnesota based visual storyteller that can be found adventuring through digital worlds and physical worlds, building immersive digital experiences, and capturing unique moments through the lens of his camera(s). His passion for travel has brought him to 45 states and 8 countries. A great appreciation for nature and a constant drive to create culminated in the development of Nature's Course.

a long hike apart

From Minnesota to Montana

Aaron Schye

Director of Adventure

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Aaron developed an appreciation for the outdoors at an early age. This appreciation eventually lead him to the beautiful state of Montana where the outdoors takes on a whole new meaning. Since arriving in Bozeman, MT in 2011 he has spent countless hours exploring the Montana backcountry and now believes that developing an intimate relationship with nature is the key to a healthier and more fulfilling life. This attitude has driven Aaron to share his outdoor experiences through Nature's Course and inspire others to embark on a similar quest of the mind, body, and spirit.

Are mountains your jam?

Want to go for a hike? We are looking for people interested in contributing to this project. We would love to hear from you!