Our Mission

inspire, prepare, preserve

We share our experiences in nature to inspire you to break away from our modern world and climb a mountain or hike to a lake in the woods. The resources we develop will better prepare outdoor enthusiasts for their next adventure. We are dedicated to growing a community that respects and preserves the environment ensuring nature can take its course. We are focusing on the Bozeman Montana area for now but plan to expand in the future.


to explore

Every adventure has a story. We strive to create compelling narrative outdoor writings that inspire you to make your own stories. The photography we capture aims to transport the viewer into the environment we are experiencing. Through the beautiful photos we express our emotions and feelings for the locations we explore and the wonders of nature that we encounter along the way.


for adventure

The wilderness is a powerful, wild, and unpredictable environment. Proper preparation is essential to a safe and fun adventure in nature. We believe you can learn from our experiences to be better prepared for yours. Our detailed stories outline the successes and challenges encountered during each journey. Use what we have learned to help ensure a successful and rewarding experience in nature.


the natural world

The wilderness experience is essential in creating balance in our lives. We aspire to grow the community of outdoor enthusiasts. This community is essential in preserving the existing natural places and ensuring they can be appreciated for generations to come. Enjoy your time in the natural world, leave no trace, be responsible, and let nature take its course.

Help support our mission

We have invested many hours into this passion project. Your contribution will help Nature's Course power an outdoor enthusiast network devoted to exploring and preserving nature's wonders.